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Lin Chen – on behalf of Dr. Marcia Bonazzi

About Us

Just a quick summary for you to know who are you dealing with.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that for over 20 years we have fused together marketing savvy with cutting-edge digital skills to deliver campaigns that drive results.

Apart from Australia, we also have clients in Europe & South America.

Some websites designed by our team:

Why Green Tie?

An extension of your team

We think of ourselves as a part of your company, collaborating on solutions that fit your specific needs. We are your agency.

Honest communication

To be effective we need our clients to be confident in us. We build this confidence and trust through open and transparent dialogue.

An open flow of ideas

We lead with ideas. We’re constantly thinking about and developing ideas for our clients. Our ideas are our differentiator.

Strategy and design

We turn our ideas into reality through a collaboration of strategy and design. User experience and strong design aesthetic are equally important.


Some details about it

The estimated time to build the website if you choose the basic plan is between 3 and 4 weeks (but we will always try to deliver earlier).

One of the reasons of delay we usually find is when we don’t get the content in time, we suggest having everything ready before starting the project.

We will be happy to assist you with a regular maintenance and be available if anything happens to it. 

We suggest allocating 7 hours per fortnight. Please check Cost section.

As you are now using WordPress for your currect  website, we will keep the same CMS for you.

We understand you like www.embracewomenshealth.com.au so if you want we can mirror it. However, we will suggest some edits that we consider appropriate.

After getting the brief about the website that is going to be built and the quote’s approval, the project will be taken in 6 different stages mentioned in the “Project Timeline” section.

Please note that we have included 2 rows for changes. If there are  any additional changes they will be charged additionally. Please check the “Costs” section. 

We are commited to give the best speed performance to your website.

In order to start working we will need access to the Server / Hosting and admin access to WordPress.

We can also embed any of your social media channels into your website, for this we will need access to the API.

What is included?

Let’s start knowing what will you receive in this package

16 Pages as per the sitemap


GDPR Bar Consent

Contact Form

2 rows for changes

Extra changes will incur in extra costs at a $52 p/h

Logo if needed (3 samples)

"Sign up to Newsletter" form


All forms linked with Mailchimp

Instagram channel embedded

SSL Certification​

We've got some optional addons
for your consideration

Some of these will provide a better service to your clients 


Differentiate from your competitors by giving your clients an online service for payments, bookings, receipts, etc.

Marketing Automation

Do you know that most of your marketing campaigns can be automated and that we can provide that service?


Improve your relationship with your customer bu having a Customer Relationship Manager.

Email Campaigns

We can set up your email templates and/or create the EDM campaigns for you.

Graphic & Video Design

Do you need any graphic to be designed for printing or digital? Do you need a video (filming, illustration, etc). We are here to help you.


We can write articles for your website ensuring we speak to your customers and prospects using the right language to inspire and engage them so that they do business with you.

Analytics Reports

Provide you with regular analytics reports including heatmaps for you to understand how your website is performing.


We love the work you are doing on social, we also found different ways for you to approach your followers.

Google Adwords

If you have a website, it's always important to be first on the searches and we can help you to achieve it.


As mentioned before, we can provide a regular mainteinance for you to assure that everything is up to date.

Lead Generation

Let's convert a visitor into a client! We can help you with that, let's start with building your customer journey campaign.


Are you willing to provide online services to your clients through an app? Leave this with us.


STAGE 1: First steps

We will conduct a briefing meeting with you that will discuss the specifics of the project, such as how the brand should be represented, confirming the navigation menu, sub menus and any other structural and framework items.

Time allocated: 1 day

STAGE 2: Planning

Using the information gathered from phase one, it is time to put together a plan for your web site. This is the point where a site map is developed.
During the planning phase, your we will also help you decide what technologies should be implemented.

Time allocated: 1 day

STAGE 3: Development

This is the point where the website itself is created. At this time, we will take all the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site.

Time allocated: 14 days

STAGE 4: Testing & Delivery

We will attend to the final details and test your website. They will test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that the website is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions and mobile.

Time allocated: 1 day

STAGE 5: 1st row of changes

In this first row will be taken any web changes, allowing you to also make structural changes.

Time allocated: 2 days

STAGE 6: 2nd row & Delivery

This is the 2nd and final row of changes, where only content changes can be made.
If a new row of changes or any structural changes are required we will invoice this additionally. Please check to the section below to check the cost.

After completing this row of changes, we will deliver the website including all the login details involved.

Time allocated: 2 days


The cost for the websuite built including everything that has been mentioned in the “What is included” section is $3000.00
This cost includes 2 stages of changes, the first one is for any structural changes and the second one is for only content changes.
This proposal is valid for 30 days from proposal date of 15.10.19
Please confirm your acceptance of this proposal via email to hi@okdot.com.au

Payment Terms: A deposit of 50% is required to commence the project. Final payment is required on the 3rd week after the delivery of final product/artwork. If this project takes longer than expected, then we will invoice the additional work after the 3rd week.

Additional time: any additional time required outside the allocated scope and amendment time allowed will be recorded and invoiced on a per hour rate of $53.00
This also applies for any Maintenance or any other service required.

We can also discuss retainer fee which will include weekly updates, website improvements, maintenance or if you are interested about building your own CRM managed through the website or any other extra service mentioned which wasn’t included in the “What is included” section. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you