Web Design Trends To Avoid In 2020

The way we look at the internet is facing a massive change. And with the start of a new decade, web designers and website owners should ensure that they go with the flow and not against it. This means keeping up with technological changes, personal preferences, and target market aspects. And keep in mind that your website is your brand’s biggest identity, and hence any mistake in its design can lead to a serious downfall of your brand value.

So, here are 5 common web design trends that are quickly becoming a thing of the past and you should avoid them by all means.

Websites that scroll endlessly

Keep in mind that a huge amount of the internet population will be accessing your website via their smart devices. So, if you have a website that has one section after another on the home page itself, then chances are that viewers will be losing their attention span very quickly. Rather, the best option is to have multiple pages linked at the top of the website for quick and easy navigation purposes.

We suggest having a sidebar menu that can be opened and collapsed with a single click. You can also have a further breakdown of the menu options but ensure that they are all collapsible.

Floating options

Again, for the same mobile device factor, it is important that your website is not cluttered with multiple options, dialogue boxes, and other objects that divert the attention of the readers. Your website’s primary purpose should be to keep the viewer on track through properly formatted content and a concise menu. Immediately do away with any floating dialogue box, pop-ups, or other such promotional aspects.

And if you must have floating options such as a chatbot, make sure the option to remove it is clearly visible.

Advertisements on entry

Carefully placed advertisements are a great way to market products on your website. However, someone who has just logged in does not want to see an ad as the first thing on your website. This can take away their interest in surfing the website and finding what they are looking for. Furthermore, the product that you are advertising loses chances of being sold even more due to bad advertisements.

A better way to place advertisements would be through banners on specific pages or when the user clicks on a similar product as the one being promoted.

Font and color

Having a loud and funky background image or unusual fonts is a clear sign of an unprofessional website. Viewers should be able to navigate the website without having to force themselves to read the content of it. This means stick to a singular and user-friendly font and a light-colored background. If you want to add a background image, keep it as minimalistic as possible or perhaps use a silhouette filter.

Readability should be one of the primary concerns of any website designers and ensuring that the content of a website is placed in an organised and legible manner is half the job in itself. You can also consider placing a dark theme on your website.

Social media links

Yes, you may have content on your website that is share-worthy. However, asking the viewer to share content on their personal social media after viewing every content or product can be a big turn off. Primarily because the person may feel that you are simply here to use their agency as a social media user instead of helping them find what they want.

At the same time, when someone makes a purchase from your website you should definitely ask them to share it on their social, but not otherwise. If a user is happy with your services, they will gladly provide you with the boost.

A website needs to be immaculate. It should scream your brand value and yet be subtle about the marketing aspects. Any form of obnoxious design or misplaced elements can immediately throw off your viewers and reduce your brand value.

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