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Why GetReviews?


"With GetReviews its become more “personal” and thus I'm getting better response rates from my customers. It's perfect for highlighting real customers' positive experiences of our service!"


"It was very difficult for me to get customer reviews, almost impossible. Now with the simplicity of GetReviews not only my reviews are increasing but also my sales!"

Lead Generation

"People who respond to my GetReviews are really engaged with me. They’re hot leads because they’ve made that step. It’s like a filter for your audience."


"GetReviews lets me see and hear my clients, which gives me a deeper insight into what's going on with them.


"VideoAsk weeds out performers that shouldn't be applying for this sort of job, which really increases the quality of our auditionees."

Audience Engagement

"Now I can send out personalized micro-learnings by recording responses to individual team members—which frees up my calendar and gives my clients instant value."

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Felix Doughry
UX Designer

"Great app for getting testimonials like never before."

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