Video – The Future Of Content Marketing

The world revolves around content.

Whether you’re listening to the latest podcast or reading this article on your phone, you’re consuming content. In fact, one of the reasons for the wide adoption of the internet is the availability of a wide variety of content.

But we witness a gradual shift now.

Over the last decade, the rapid proliferation of technology and connectivity has resulted in a content boom. With over half a billion blogs, the written content is slowly becoming overrated. And this means, more and more content marketers are looking at better avenues for disseminating content.

Another factor that has contributed to the changing nature of the content marketing scene is the rise of mobile. With most people ditching deskbound devices for smartphones and tablets, content consumption patterns are changing. The average consumer today has an attention span of eight seconds or thereabouts. Which means traditional content can no longer cut the cloth.

And this is where video has emerged as the saviour.

The Rise Of Video

We, humans, are a visual species, and by nature, we are attracted to imagery. Hence it’s no wonder that video is currently the most preferred mode of content consumption among web users. There was a time when Google used to be our only destination for learning anything. Now, YouTube is biting close at the second-best search engine position.

Marketers too are already beginning to feel the advantages of video content.  It’s estimated that video consumption will account for nearly 90% of all web traffic in this decade. Also, including videos in marketing emails can improve their click-through-rates by almost 300%.

The numbers themselves suggest that video is on the rise, and it’s expected to continue on this meteoric path. Fast-growing and in-demand, video marketing holds a plethora of benefits for marketers. Some of these are listed below.

Video Enhances Brand Recall Value

This actually goes without saying. Videos are an extremely audio-visual mode of content delivery. As a result, they gain a certain sticky status in the minds of consumers. Any prospect that has watched a promotional video is more likely to remember it than a non-visual ad. And when they remember your content they remember your brand. This naturally translates to better leads and bigger sales.

Video As An SEO Booster

Ever noticed how some of the top links in the search results are of the video? Search engines rank well-performing video content over the jungle of written gibberish. This leads to a boost in the brands’ search rankings.

Therefore, to make sure that your brand occupies prime real estate on search pages, you need to create catchy content. This will not only help your brand recognition efforts but also positively impact your SEO.

Video Is Platform Independent

One of the biggest issues about content is responsiveness. And since Mobilegeddon, Google has been openly giving greater preference to content that is mobile friendly. But thankfully, with video, you don’t have to worry about this.

Video is platform-independent and works well on all screen sizes. Therefore, video is increasingly becoming the preferred channel of content consumption worldwide. As people with all types of screens consume video, marketers need to create better content to keep audiences hooked.

Video Is Easily Shareable

Just take a moment to think. You come upon fantastic video content; what would your reaction be?

After taking the time to enjoy it, your first instinct is always to share the video on social media. This is enabled by the fact that video links are easily shareable and can go viral very quickly. In fact, a single piece of well-performing video content can provide greater exposure than paid advertisement campaigns.

The Way To The Future

As attention spans fall and repetitive content gets phased out, the video will rise as the star performer. And unless your business is ready to take advantage of this, you are bound to fall behind.

But don’t worry, for Okdot is here to the rescue! Our stellar video marketing services can help to propel your Australian business to new heights. With a wide range of digital expertise, we can help your business leverage the power of video. By doing so, you stand to remain relevant in the years to come.


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