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With interest rates at record lows, equities can deliver an attractive and growing income stream while helping to shield retirees against longevity, sequencing and inflation risks.

But how do you invest in equities and get income benefits, without the expected risk?


The Vertium Equity Income Fund (Vertium) invests in ASX-listed companies with a sustainable dividend profile.

The Fund is designed to provide a high degree of capital preservation over a full economic cycle, with very low equity market risk exposure.


The Fund can be used as an income generator and a portfolio risk mitigator particularly in the current market, where equity valuations are stretched and a correction is possible.

Vertium is most likely to display its true defensive equity capability and help preserve capital.

Top reasons why you should trust Vertium

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Aims to provide a tax-effective and attractive income stream – currently projected at 6% per annum

A nimble fund manager that can trade stocks very efficiently, enhancing performance potential

A focus on low risk and capital preservation particularly during periods of equity market stress

An experienced fund manager with a 12-year industry track record

One of the few equity income specialists in Australia, with a 100% focus on equity income

We promise premium retirement


Increase in living costs for comfortable retirement - 4 years to March 20191


Decline in term deposit rates
over past 9 years2


Vertium income yield projected
for the next 12 months3

  1. Based on ASFA Retirement Standard benchmark for comfortable retirement now $61,061pa for couple
  2. Source: RBA, based on $10,000 deposit for 12 months
  3. Based on consensus earnings expected over the next 12 months in the current portfolio as at 30 June 2019

Loss avoidance is the cornerstone of our investment philosophy.
We prefer to miss out on opportunities than increase the risk of capital loss by chasing higher returns.

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Meet the team

Jason Teh

Chief Investment Officer

MFin, BSc

Tomas Vasquez

Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst

BEng, MAppFin, CFA

Daniel Mueller

Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst

BCom, GDipAppFin, CA, CFA

Trent Crawley

Equity Analyst


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