Top Tips For Creating Stellar Video Content

If there’s one thing that can drive conversions, it’s video.

There was a time when internet speeds were notoriously slow, and videos were therefore not the preferred mode of content distribution. Today, however, things have changed dramatically.

With ever-rising internet speeds and easily accessible data connectivity, a video has emerged as the new mode of content consumption. Be it DIY guides or life hacks, people are turning to video for the solution.

No wonder YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

But with more than 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, your next video effort can get lost in the proverbial maelstrom. How can you ensure that your next video content comes out, to use a bit of a pun, picture-perfect?

Worry not! For that is what we’re going to let you in on today. The following are five top tips that can help you capture leads and captivate customers.

Research relevant topics

When you’re making videos, it’s easy to lean towards the current viral trend and copy the latest sensational style. After all, this is what’s hot today, you’d wager.

Well, then be prepared to lose that bet.

Unless your video content is focused on topics relevant to your business, you cannot expect it to resonate with current and potential clients. Topical research is vital to ensuring that your video content is accepted widely.

Experiment with styles

Video content has traditionally been divided into two categories: animated and live-action. Today, however, trends are changing.

Contemporary video content tends to be a mix of different styles and genres. So be bold, and don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple video techniques. Yes, even within the same video.

Pay attention to audio

Remember, video is not merely a visual medium; there’s an auditory component as well. Viewers see, as well as hear your video content.

Therefore it is important to pay separate attention to voiceovers, narrations, and especially the background score. Appropriate audio components can be the difference between a viral video, and a forgotten one.

Make it SEO friendly

YouTube is an ocean. On any given day, over 5 billion videos are watched on the platform. Therefore, it can be very difficult for the right audience to chance upon your content.

That’s why we suggest not leaving anything to chance at all. Using YouTube SEO, you can ensure that your videos are easily searchable, and get the right amount of traffic.

Also, be sure to include proper CTAs in your content. The right CTAs can drive conversions like nothing else. Encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and share can ensure the continued relevance of your content.

Length matters

One of the universal truths of the 21st century is this: human attention spans are shrinking. The average human has an attention span of about eight seconds. That’s less than that of the average goldfish.

Therefore, it’s essential that you hit upon the right length for your videos. Too short and you won’t be able to make an impact; too long and you’ll lose the viewer somewhere in the middle. So be certain that you take the time to craft the perfect video of the ideal length.


Video is the future of content, and unless you’re capitalising on this, you’re bound to lose important leads and sales. So make sure video is part of your content strategy.

And if you feel all this is too much for you to handle, just contact OKdot. Our experts can craft the perfect video strategy for your business. With our video content, your business can rise to greater heights.


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