Top Google Ads Hacks You Must Implement In 2020

PPC gives results. There’s no denying that, just as there’s no denying that Google Ads is the most powerful online ad platform there is. Whether you’re going for search-only ads or looking to target the entire Google Display Network, you can get fast results from the platform.

But only if you know how to use it properly.

Unless the Google Ads platform is used intelligently, things can get out of control very fast. That’s why to ensure that you get the best results, here are some quick hacks that you can try out in your campaigns in 2020.

Use Call Extensions

The first hack that we’d encourage you to try out is using call extensions with your ads. When you include call extensions in your ads, you’re putting an implicit call-to-action to your searchers. As most web searches today are mobile-based, call extensions can act as an added enticement to contact your business immediately.

Bid On Competitor Keywords

If you find the keywords you’re bidding on aren’t turning up results, then there’s an easy hack to get out of this spot. Just bid on your best performing competitors’ keywords and you can ride their success waves. This is not only allowed in Google Ads but also a much-used secret. So get ready to put it to good use.

Utilise Geotargeting

This is simply the process of showing your customers, location-specific ads that can spur them on to quick action. For example, if someone currently near your store is browsing your search terms, then you can offer them a quick discount. This might just tip the scales in your favour.

Add Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are simply a way to let Google Ads know which keywords you don’t want your ads to appear for. Using negative keywords helps you to avoid fraudulent and low-quality clicks. It also allows you to further refine your search appearance and attract clicks with greater intent. This can not only save you money in terms of wasted clicks but also drive up profits.

Pay Attention To Quality Score

When you’re using the Google Ads dashboard, you’re faced with a large number of metrics. While it’s all well and good to talk about clicks and impressions, the one metric that you should be paying attention to is the quality score.

The quality score of your ad determines how relevant your ads are to the searcher. Since Google operates with the prime objective of providing stellar customer experience, it’s no wonder that the relevance of your ad plays a major role in your campaign success.

Apart from ad relevance, quality score is also influenced by click-through rates and landing page experiences. The better your quality score, the better your Google rankings. Plus, you also spend less per click, which saves you more in the long run.

Pay Attention To Ad Copy

Finally, the last important thing that you should pay attention to is the ad copy. Google ads have limited space, which means you have a very short scope of attracting customers.

To ensure that you can make an impression, pay special attention to drafting ads that hit the customers’ emotions. Doing so can garner better clicks and conversions.

Final Words

Applying the above hacks appropriately can lift your Google Ads campaigns to lofty heights of performance. And if you need any help with your campaigns, OKdot is always there by your side. Just give us a call and let us run the show for you. We guarantee, the results will speak for themselves.


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