Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Skyrocket In 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may have driven the world indoors but it has also driven them to spend, longer hours online. Predictions and challenges for digital marketers that were foreseen at the beginning of the year may have no relevance now and adaptation is the buzzword of the age. But when you know your consumers are already where you need them – online! – all it takes is to ride the right trends that will take you to them.

Much-anticipated developments like the growth of 5g have been relegated to the backburner while heady prospects for innovation like Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) have failed to take off to expected levels at present. But this does not signify the end of the road for digital marketing.

With sales cycles in disarray, it is critical for brands to continue to engage with consumers and enable transactions. And in the face of emerging consumer preferences, the only way for digital marketing to go is upwards. Here are some of the reasons why digital marketing will be on an upward trajectory in 2020.

Changed Consumer Mind-Set

Consumers buy differently in a crisis and the pandemic was an eye-opener in changing consumer mindsets. Even those who shied away from online shopping earlier now want to reduce exposure to crowds if they can help it. That’s why it’s imperative for any business, large or small, to have an energetic online presence. This need to adapt will see digital marketing take off much more than ever before.

With 75% of consumers saying they will buy from a brand they follow online, it is critical to reach out and gain their loyalty.

For many small businesses, this may be their first step into the digital communication sphere and this creates vast opportunities for digital marketers.

Exciting Innovations In AI

AI is increasingly becoming something that companies cannot afford to miss out on. Already, 43% of consumers have been known to prefer communication with a chatbot rather a human customer care representative during their online engagement with a brand. And now consumers are all primed to have meaningful relationships with brands via Brand Avatars, creating exciting new avenues for digital marketers.

Alternative Social Media

People have just about had it with the larger and more dominant social media. They now want to reach out to smaller communities and forge more meaningful connections. Communication and self-expression being basic human needs, digital marketers have a wonderful opportunity to create a caring image for their brands.

The Rise Of The Influence Economy

Consumers no longer want to spend money on big brands just because. They are now looking for brands that care enough to build a relationship with them. Enter the influencers. The influence economy is all set to turn digital marketing on its head and brands will now have to pay a lot more heed to build meaningful connections.

The New Normal

We are not in a place to predict what the world is going to look like in a post-COVID period. But it is safe to assume we are going to lead more isolated and socially distant lives for a foreseeable future and digital marketing will continue to be a prime focus for brands. Consumers will not revert to pre-COVID shopping habits for a long time and may demand more personalised services from brands than ever before and this is where Marketing plays an important role for any business and why Digital Marketing will skyrocket in 2020.

Digital marketing will continue to help brands connect with consumers with its ability to quickly adapt to changing realities. Reach out to OKdot to make sure your digital marketing plans capture every shift in trends.


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