Things Your Digital Marketing Agency May Not Always Tell You

Digital marketing has already taken the world by storm. With much of the world population living and working in cyberspace, it’s no wonder that digital marketing is the need of the hour.

As a result, there are scores of digital marketing agencies that have cropped up all over the place. These agencies are no doubt very helpful in allowing you to reach your digital goals. Nevertheless, they are businesses themselves and have goals of their own. As a result, they may not always let you in on everything that you need to hear.

That’s why, when you’re looking to invest in a digital marketing agency, it’s important to do your own due diligence. To help you do just that, here are the top five things that your digital marketing agency may not be telling you.

SEO Isn’t A Sure-Shot Game

When you sign on any digital marketing agency for SEO, they may tell you that you’ll be able to rank within, say, a month. When you hear this, don’t believe them.

The average time that it takes for any website to get on the first page of Google is roughly two to six months. And this again depends on the industry, competition level, and content quality.

SEO is never a sure-shot game and is mostly a continuous process. So, don’t expect overnight results.

Just Content Isn’t Enough

You’ve surely heard the phrase ‘Content Is King’. While that’s largely true, most agencies don’t let you know that it isn’t enough. While you do need great content to rank, you’ll also need to pay attention to a bunch of other factors as well.

This includes on-page and off-page SEO, quality backlinks, and even technical factors such as site load speeds. So, make sure your agency has all the bases covered before starting on that next blog post.

Not All Industries Are Suitable For All Agencies

This is a truth no marketing agency will reveal. No matter what industry you’re from, they will always have “experts” who can get the job done.

Truth is, not every business is suitable for every agency. You might be a clothing brand, while the agency you’re hiring specialises in the food space. If that’s the case they certainly won’t have the required levels of expertise in your niche.

So, when hiring an agency, make it a point to check out their past work. That’ll help you understand whether they are a good fit for your business or not.

Results Are Never “Guaranteed”

Many marketing agencies will “guarantee” you positive results. While we don’t have anything against being optimistic, we do know for a fact that guarantees…don’t exist.

At least not in the digital marketing world. Digital marketing is a continuous improvement process. The results are always in a state of flux, and cannot be always predicted perfectly. So, when your agency guarantees that top spot, do take it with a pinch of salt.

Tech Is Not The Ultimate Solution

Finally, it’s important to remember that throwing tech at a problem won’t solve it automatically. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can only take you thus far.

At the end of the day, digital marketing is a human process. You’re pitching your products and services to humans, and need to act as such. So, no matter how many fancy terms your agency throws around, make sure you maintain the human touch.

Final Words

So now you know the truth. And at OKdot, we’re ready to stand by it all. We don’t believe in making false claims but get you acquainted with the realities of digital marketing. That’s why we’re the most preferred digital marketing agency in Australia.


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