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The power of building landing pages within minutes!
No need of a developer, simple and easy for you to build any website.

Main Features

heaps of Building blocks

75+ expertly designed Building Blocks that inspire you to create unique landing pages intuitively.

Real-time Preview

Real-time Editing and Preview of all changes made while perfecting the design. Check exactly how the live page is going to look at every step.

iMIS Image & Content browse

Standard iMIS Image and Content browsing to smoothen the designing and uploading process.

Responsive and Mobile Ready

Pages built with Sections are truly responsive. Content is equally easy to read on mobile screens of all sizes.

Drag and drop

Create compelling Landing Page designs and Reorder lists of Sections or pre-built Blocks by simple Drag and Drop.

easy change fonts & colours

In-built Colour Schemes and Font Combinations make you the Web Designer by stirring the imagination. Style Builder helps in visualising changes.

Craft engaging content presentation on elegant landing pages that maximise retention and urge action in a few clicks and uncluttered drag and drop interface.

Say bye to website developers!

Easy and simple

Select a Section from the list to see the building block options for the chosen Section. Choose a pre-built design building block preset and start configuring. Use the configuration setting tab for each block to achieve aesthetic balance and a unique design.

Preview in real-time

Configure the rows settings and check how it looks in real-time. Change the row style, adjust the dimensions, and choose the spacing, background type, and image. Create aesthetically pleasing designs that encourage engagement, improve UX, and increase retention time. Without hassle! 

Why you need this?

Our clients say

"I love the iMIS building Sections, half of the job to achieve a perfect landing page design is already done. Surprised by the time and effort saved!"
Hilary Singh
Marketing Manager
"Section App has saved so much time for me. Even though I am an expert coder, I used to spend lots of time on simple designs. That’s where Sections App is the ideal tool. No coding, just drag and drop, customise, and the web page is ready. Truly an amazing experience! "
Christine Rood
"In my decade-long web designing career, I haven’t come across anything as smooth and intuitive as the Section App. The configuration options are ample yet they do not overwhelm keeping the designing process simple and quick. "
Julius Agnes
Web Designer
"I love every bit of the Section App. The user interface, functionality, pre-loaded building blocks, configuring options, real-time preview, just everything. I am eagerly waiting to hear the upgrade news from the Section App development team to turn it into an even more robust web designing App. All the best! "
Jackes Tamper

Frequently asked questions

No. You can start building your web pages with the Sections App even if you have absolutely no knowledge of website design and development. You do not have to code at all. Just drag and drop. Choose the section blocks and configure.

Yes! Sections App uses the latest technology to provide an intuitive website designing experience for truly responsive and mobile-friendly websites. The website created on your desktop/laptop with self-adjust for mobile view and usage. It will be equally easy to read, scroll and browse the web pages on your mobile phone, regardless of the screen size.

No, the Section App has options to choose the sections and 75+ in-built building blocks. You just have to make the selection and configure it. In one way, half the job is already done for you. Section App offers one of the quickest methods of creating unique and attractive landing pages.

The Section App extends the iMIS Cloud RiSE Content tools. It makes the content uploading and webpage design and development a matter of a few clicks and minutes. The Section App will work perfectly with iMIS Themes and Layouts. It will work fine with any iMIS components.

The Section App offers five basic display features for a webpage. Upload the content (both textual and graphical) for each section. These display options are Accordion, Text, Testimonial, Cards, Title, Call-to-Action, Teams, Pricing, Features, and Flip Box Display. More to come!

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