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Take iMIS to the next level

Unique iParts

We take all our development seriously. Our aim is to make your job easy so you don't need to rely on developers.

High Performance

Our products are developed with the latest technologies and they won't affect your website performance.


All our products are responsive, so they will work on any resolution, mobile device or tablet.


Content Builder that extends iMIS Cloud RiSE content tools to create stunning landing pages in minutes and no coding required.

Collapsible Tag List

Similar to the Dynamic Repeater but returns content based on tags rather than data from an IQA query.

Pseudo Router

Create rules (created based on an IQA query) to direct the user to the appropriate content page. 

Account Creation

Same functionality as the standard account creator, with the addition of duplicate record matching.

Radius Search

Segment and search for contact records, events and campaigns based on locations in a defined area or radius.

Dynamic Repeater

Display any data stored in iMIS on a content page within your RiSE website in any format.

Dynamic Filter

Display a list of options returned from an IQA query. The option selected will be parsed as a URL parameter.

Event Registration

This ipart is perfect for small or big organisations who take table or group bookings.

One Click Login

This powerful and secure tool allows you to login to the website and be taken to the page of your choice with just one click.

Multi-Gateway Switcher

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It allows you to hide any iParts within a content page based on rules that you define in an IQA query.

Event / Product Cross Promoter

Easily promote a set of products or events on any page on your website without coding experience.

Tag Me

Keep track of all the pages your users are visiting. The data is stored against each users record, allowing you to know where they are.

Donation Round Up

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Easily create an Accordion display without any programming. Easy with great results.