Non-Complying Aged Care Provider Cuts Hours And Jobs

A national aged care provider with a history of non-compliance notices has implemented cuts to staffing levels and care hours at its Cowandilla nursing home.

Calvary Community Care announced the cuts to its Flora McDonald Retirement Services staff last month and implemented the changes soon after. The ANMF has been engaging with the provider over concerns relating to:

  • Failure to comply with terms and conditions of genuine consultation as per current Enterprise Agreement; and
  • The greatly increased workload on staff and likely compromised level of care to the facility’s 150+ residents.

While the ANMF welcomed the addition of a second Registered Nurse position on Night Duty as part of the changes, the removal of a Clinical Nurse role, outsourcing of one Registered Nurse role and the axing of two Enrolled Nurse positions will have a significant impact on the quality of care that can be provided at this already-non-compliant facility.

The changes also include the removal of shorter shifts in lieu of lengthening other shifts, which translates to less staff on the floor.

Members continue to report concerns about their inability to manage the already heavy workloads at the facility. Members have expressed their fears in being able to ensure the safety of care recipients with the significant staff reductions that have occurred.

The ANMF is awaiting documentation from Calvary Care to seek clarity around the justification for the changes and are yet to receive all of the requested information.

The ANMF is continuing to support members at this facility, who remained concerned about achieving the delivery of quality care management expects through these changes in the face of cuts that have so far only served to increase stress levels of staff.

Flora McDonald Retirement Services received a non-compliance notice in June 2018 and received another non-compliance notice in 2019.


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