Is Copywriting Enough To Drive Conversions In 2020?

We’ve all heard the adage, ‘customer is king’, and along with it comes the appendage, ‘copy is the kingmaker’. A true, compelling copy has always been one of the greatest drivers of conversions. Since the days of the first advertisements, a copy has driven revenue like no other facet of marketing.

But what was true decades ago, is it still true in the age of AI? After all, we’ve stepped into a new decade, where digital reigns supreme. And with digital marketing replacing traditional channels faster than you can say cheese, things are certainly uncertain.

So, does copy still occupy its place of pride in the high seat? Or has it been relegated to the back somewhat? These are some of the questions that we are going to tackle in this post. But before doing that, we begin our discussion by looking at some of the factors that have a visible effect on conversion. And then we shall endeavour to understand their impact on a copy.

Let’s get to it then.

Search Engine Rankings

Gone are the days when businesses in Australia (and the world) used to depend on traditional channels for advertising. Today, most consumers find businesses online, and search engine ranking is a vital determiner of visibility.

Unless your business ranks high on the SERPs, it’s not going to get enough traffic. And as everyone knows, without traffic there can be no conversions. So, one of the vital components of driving conversions in the new decade is a good search engine ranking. Both SEO and SEM can be useful for this purpose.

Landing Pages

The next important thing that you need to consider is your landing pages. Even in 2020, first impressions are still last impressions. And if consumers don’t like your landing pages, then they are bound to bounce back.

So make sure your landing pages are relevant and to the point. Also, you need to pay special attention to the design of your landing pages. This, of course, depends on the demographic you need to target. And this is what we are going to discuss next.

Audience Research

There used to be a time when mass advertising was profitable. You put one ad in the newspapers and voila! the leads start pouring in. Those days of simplicity are long gone.

In 2020, we live in the age of hyper-personalisation. With each and every customer looking for that personal touch, you can’t expect the old techniques to work. So, for bringing in the right conversions today, you must put in the required effort in the form of audience research.

Unless you know who you are preaching to, you can’t expect to convert them to your followers. So a vital part of driving conversions today hinges on researching, targeting, and reaching out to the right customer base.

Video Content

Research suggests that the average attention span of a consumer today is about 8 secs. Hence it is understandable that it’s very hard to capture such fleeting attention spans with just written content.

For this reason, marketers are relying more and more on video content that can drive conversions. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the right video can drive more conversions than a book’s worth of written content.

Providing Value

Finally, perhaps the most important factor that can work in your favour and drive conversions is providing value. Today we live in the age-and edge- of competition. If your customers are not getting value from you, they are bound to move away to greener pastures.

So make sure that through your products and services, you provide value to the customer. This way, you stand to gain not only conversions but loyal patrons who become your vocal advocates.

Final Verdict

From a study of the above, it is clear that mere copywriting is not enough to drive conversions in the new decade. Instead, your business needs a sound digital strategy that can work to garner leads with the right intent. Only then can your conversions be boosted.

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