How Google Updates Affect SEO

It’s 2020, and SEO is still one of the biggest drivers of quality traffic.

With consumers placing more faith in organic rankings, businesses the world over are scrambling to get a piece of Google real-estate. As the number of websites and resources on the web continues to increase at breakneck speed, we can only expect SEO to play a crucial role. No wonder SEO forms a vital portion of every company’s marketing efforts.

And to have it all dashed to the dust in one fell swoop is just pure pain.

But that’s exactly what can happen due to Google updates. You put in the time and effort to apply all sorts of SEO techniques, and revel as you watch your rankings rise rung by rung. Then, just when you’re near or in the coveted top three, Google drops the update bomb.

And your ranking plummets.

So, what can you do to prevent this? The best way is to know why and how these updates affect your site rankings. And that is the point of our discussion for today. At the end of this, you’ll know why Google updates affect your SERP rankings as they do. And also how you can protect your place, and maybe even improve on it.

Why So Many Updates Anyway?

Every year, Google makes a few thousand updates to its search algorithm. This essentially translates to multiple updates in a single day.

But why does Google do that?

The simple reason is this: Google values user experience above all else. And the algorithm changes are simply Google’s way of trying to provide the most valuable search experience to customers. With this end in mind, the developers at Google spend time optimizing, refining, and updating their search algorithms.

Another reason that Google updates its algorithms is for weeding out websites that don’t follow overboard SEO tactics and resort to underhanded techniques such as keyword stuffing. Updates may also affect the rankings of websites with poor content or outdated designs.

Hence, it’s clear that Google will continue to update its algorithms, and there’s really no way you can stop them. So, what is the solution to this problem?

Let’s explore that.

How To Protect Your Rankings

You’ve already put in a lot of effort in SEO, and naturally, you want your rankings to improve. So here are four tips that might allow you to maintain that all-important position. And maybe even improve upon it.

Stick To White-Hat Techniques

One of the best ways to ensure that your rankings remain stable is to stay a hundred percent honest with Google. This essentially translates to strictly sticking to white-hat techniques. So don’t engage in seedy activities like participating in B-Grade blog networks, using dishonest redirects and paying for links.

Stay On Top of The Trends

In the SEO world, one of the most important things is to be up-to-date with the latest happenings. Google seldom announces the algorithmic changes that it’s going to implement. But SEO veterans often have a good sense of what is coming. So stay in tune with their findings, and implement any new developments on your website. They may not all matter to the same degree, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to be ahead of the curve.

Keep It Lean

An overcomplicated website is one of the sure ways to SEO disaster. Make sure that your website is lean and lightweight. A simplified website structure makes it easy for Google to crawl and index your site. This, in turn, results in better rankings. So remember to keep it simple.

Get Professional Help

Often, one of the best ways to get better results is to seek professional help. An expert SEO service can help your website climb the rungs on Google and stay there. So if you feel SEO is too much for you, consider hiring a professional agency to take care of things.

Final Words

Google updates are not Armageddon, and they may even help your website gain better rankings. In order to leverage the full power of updates, contact Okdot, your trusted Australian SEO service provider. Our range of stellar SEO services can help your website gain the notability it deserves.


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