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ECP Growth Companies Fund

The ECP Growth Companies Fund is a high conviction Australian equities portfolio that is highly concentrated, holding between 25 and 30 stocks at any time.

The Fund will seek to invest in ASX-listed companies that have strong earnings growth potential. As an ‘All Cap’ strategy, the Fund can invest across the market capitalisation spectrum. There is expected to be a higher concentration (approx. 50%) to companies listed within the top 50-100 (mid-caps).

What type of companies does the Fund invest in?

The Fund seeks to identify and invest in high-quality growth businesses that can generate predictable, above-average economic returns, both in terms of their price appreciation and earnings potential. These companies are typically in the growth stage of their life cycle, and as they grow, are expected to deliver superior investment performance and wealth creation benefits back to the Fund’s investors.

What type of investor does the Fund suit?

The Fund is designed to be used as an alpha generation strategy within the Australian equity allocation of an investor’s portfolio. The Fund employs a highly active, growth-based investment style and this may offer complementary benefits with other more index-based investments in an investor’s portfolio, such as passive equity funds or Exchange Traded Funds.


As of 30 April 2020 QTD YTD 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr Inception
As of 30 April 2020 Artisan Global Discovery Fund
QTD 12.67
YTD -3.66
1 Yr 10.48
3 Yr -
5 Yr -
10 Yr -
Inception 14.27
As of 30 April 2020 MSCI All Country World Index
QTD 10.71
YTD -12.94
1 Yr -4.96
3 Yr -
5 Yr -
10 Yr -
Inception 3.36


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance


Report History

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Date September 2020
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Date August 2020
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Date July 2020
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Date June 2020
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Date May 2020
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Fund Facts

FUND Manager
ECP Asset Management
Responsible Entity/DISTRIBUTOR
Copia Investment Partners
Inception date
Jan 2020 (strategy commenced 2012)
S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Outperform index by over 2-4% p.a. over 5 years
Investment time frame
At least 5 years
Number of stocks
Typically 25 - 30
Investment amounts
• Minimum initial investment: $20,000
• Minimum additional investment: $5,000
• Management fee: 0.90% p.a.
• Performance fee: 15.375% of benchmark outperformance
Suitable investors
• Investors seeking to diversify their equities exposure with a dedicated small and mid cap global equity strategy
• Investors seeking an active investment approach with an investment horizon of five years or more.
Lonsec Recommended
Zenith Recommended

Unit Prices

Application price
Net asset value
Withdrawal price
Effective date