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Artisan Partners is a global investment management firm that provides a broad range of high value-added investment strategies in growing asset classes to sophisticated clients around the world.


The foundation of Artisan Partners’ story was set in 1994 by our founders Andy and Carlene Ziegler. At the time, the Zieglers identified two secular trends—talent acquisition and open architecture—that were taking hold in the market. Those two trends shaped the firm’s growth strategy.

The talent acquisition movement within the industry created the opportunity for us to attract investment talent to our firm where high-quality investors are allowed to execute their own investment process without distractions. Open architecture provided the framework to distribute high-quality products more freely through consultants and mutual fund platforms if we had the right talent and results.

Our business model has always been structured around our investment talent. Our autonomous investment teams manage a range of active investment strategies that are diversified by market capitalization, region and investment style. Each team uses a clearly articulated, consistent and repeatable investment process.

Copia Investment Partners

We are a proud investment manager partner of Copia Investment Partners, an independent multi-boutique investment management group.

Copia provides the resources and infrastructure our team needs to prosper, including distribution, marketing, operations and compliance services, enabling us to focus solely on delivering our investors superior long-term investment outcomes.

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This website provides information to help investors and their advisers assess the merits of investing in financial products. We strongly advise investors and their advisers to read information memoranda and product disclosure statements carefully.
The information on this website does not constitute personal advice and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. It is therefore important that if you are considering investing in any financial products and services referred to on this website, you determine whether the relevant investment is suitable for your needs, objectives and financial circumstances. You should also consider seeking independent financial advice, particularly on taxation, retirement planning and investment risk tolerance before making an investment decision.
Neither Copia Investment Partners Limited, nor any of our associates, guarantee or underwrite the success of any investments, the achievement of investment objectives, the repayment of capital or payment of particular rates of return on investments.
Copia Investment Partners Limited publishes information on the website that to the best of its knowledge is current at the time and is not liable for any direct or indirect losses attributable to omissions from the website, information being out of date, inaccurate, incomplete or deficient in any other way. Investors and their advisers should make their own enquiries before making investment decisions.